Our quality policy.

As part of its quality approach, THE management of THE LABORATOIRE PROSLABS places quality at the centre of its concerns and affirms its commitment to implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the efficiency of the quality management system within the in accordance with the legal, regulatory and requirements of THE NF IN ISO/CIS 17025 standard. The quality management system in place aims to provide a quality service that meets customer expectations and to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the tests according to good professional practices and legal and regulatory requirements.

As part of our quality approach, we intend to achieve the following general objectives:

  •   Continuous improvement in the efficiency of our quality management and customer satisfaction management system;
  •   Ensuring the reliability and accuracy of test results;

To achieve the so-called objectives, and as Director of the PROSLABS LABORATORY, we ensure the conditions for such an approach by providing the necessary resources and reviewing the ongoing adequacy of the efficiency of the management.

In this context, we ensure that all staff involved in the activities within the laboratory become familiar with quality documentation and scrupulously apply the procedures of the management system.

We also ensure that staff have the authority and resources to carry out their duties including the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the management system by ensuring its impartiality, integrity. operational independence and functional independence.

We state that this Quality Policy and associated deployment objectives are disseminated to all laboratory staff and displayed within the facility.