Proslabs Microbio Consulting, an analysis laboratory biomedical services, opened its doors in Daoudabougou. The new unit was inaugurated last Thursday. The ceremony was presided over by the Chief Executive Officer General and promoter of the establishment, Issiaka Bâ, in the presence of Ms. Jacqueline Nana Togo, MP elected in Commune V and many collaborators.

The new laboratory is a state-of-the-art complex with integrated blocks to respond, in part, to the desire for quality diagnostics in our country. It has a state-of-the-art technical platform and makes the the promoter’s willingness to make a contribution to improving burden of the health concerns of our compatriots, particularly in the diagnostics.
The boss of Proslabs Microbio Consulting made the genesis of the creation of the Laboratory. Issiaka Bâ explained that it is the first laboratory in the Mali, ISO 9001 Version 2008 certified and currently being accredited 17025. It is state-of-the-art equipment, including the Contra A 700, an ultra-state-of-the-art modern is a modern Created in 2012, the Proslabs Microbio Consulting laboratory is the the result of a private initiative at the national level and remains above all the symbol willingness to undertake men and women in our country.

The new health structure will employ more than a dozen People. It will allow the Bamakois, in general, and those on the shore right, in particular, to have easier access to a reference laboratory, mainly activity to carry out analyses in accordance with the standards International.

According to Jean Dakouo, another head of Proslabs Microbio Consulting, “Medical biology is a specialty whose purpose is to first and foremost the completion of medical biology examinations, which will allow measure the different constituents of biological fluids, i.e. blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, between others.” “The value of exam results varies age, the patient’s condition, some constituents exist only in the case of pathology,” Dakouo said.

“Medical biology tests allow diagnose or contribute to the diagnosis of a disease. It is considered that medical biology currently contributes to about 60-70% of diagnoses made. Medical biology also plays a key role in monitoring surveillance of treatment,” he said.

The main activity of this reference laboratory is to carry out analyses according to international product quality standards food, water, the environment and animal health by the way by optimizing crops. It is also capable of carrying out research in mining areas and verify the compliance of hydrocarbons.

In addition, the structure sells equipment, equipment and laboratories and industries. Proslabs Microbio Consulting also produces additive sales of chemicals used in industry and agribusiness relating to food.

It is also apparent from the explanations provided to the general public that the new unit can calibrate certain equipment in the field of metrology and conduct studies and advice.