The Minister of Industrial Development and his counterpart at the Health and Public Hygiene congratulated the promoter of the laboratory for the investments made, including the acquisition of the state-of-the-art equipment

The Proslabs Laboratory Microbio Consulting is in Daoudabougou, specializing in product analysis hydrocarbons and food, received a visit from two ministers of the Republic of Mali, he is the Minister of Development Mohamed Aly Ag Ibrahim, the initiator of the visit and his Colleague of Health and Public Hygiene, Prof. Samba Sow. The aim of the visit: to provide the government’s encouragement to Proslabs Micro Consulting. On this occasion, the Minister of Industrial Development invited laboratory managers to register ISO 17025.

On the spot, the two Ministers and their suites were welcomed by laboratory CEO M. Issiaka Bah, accompanied by several of his collaborators. After a greetings, place to the guided tour led by the CEO of the Laboratory. During the visit, Issiaka Bah recalled that the Proslabs Microbio Consulting laboratory construction required a investment of one billion five million CFA francs and enabled the creation of 23 jobs. He also indicated that this laboratory is capable of conduct searches in mining areas and verify compliance hydrocarbons, the quality of food products. The laboratory offers its clients of services relating to physical and chemical analyses, bacteriological, petrochemical and mineral analyses, he said. Explained.

For the realization of its services, the laboratory mainly uses inputs and supplies such as laboratory reagents, analytical equipment, chemicals, industrial gas and ultra-pure water, he said.

The Proslabs Laboratory Microbio Consulting is a state-of-the-art complex with state-of-the-art equipment to respond to the concern for quality diagnosis in our country.

For Minister Mohamed Aly Ag Ibrahim, this laboratory is a real support for companies in search of competitiveness and an important partnership the state in its policy through the quality control of Products. The laboratory is ISO 9001 version is ISO 9008 which makes biomedical analyses. To this end, the Minister of Industrial Development congratulated the laboratory’s promoter on the investments, including the acquisition of equipment ultra-modern. Before inviting the first head of the laboratory to REGISTER is ISO 17025 for accreditation.

It was also an opportunity For Mr. Issiaka Bah to mention some of the difficulties to which his structure is Faced. This is the lack of support for funding structures, the absence of exemption when importing equipment.

In addition, the Minister Mohamed Aly Ag Ibrahim, urged laboratory officials to the process of transferring the site from the laboratory to the industrial zone in Dialakorobougou where they have a plot of land.

As for the Minister of Health and Public Hygiene, he said he was very satisfied with the quality of the laboratory analysis equipment. Before joining his voice with that of his colleague by asking lab officials to get in touch with the technical departments of the Departments of Industry and Health, to find sad solutions to the difficulties raised.