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Tout en suivant les normes et standards internationaux, nos équipements de pointe, notre disponibilité et & exibilité sont entre autres de nos atouts majeurs pour vous assurer le meilleur rapport Qualité/délais/Coûts.

Analyse environnementales

For your environmental management, PROSLABS provides air analyzes (counting of particles, gases present, etc.), noise pollution, waste water, etc.

Mineralogical analyzes

We support you for all your ore analyzes with different methods such as lead fusion, aqua regia or aqua regia digestion with different fnishes (ICP-MS, ICP-AES, AAS, etc.). In mono or multi-element, PROSLABS offers on site a wide reading range (ppt to ppm) allowing you to make quick and reliable decisions


According to Malian, WHO, Codex Alimentarius or customer standards, PROSLABS analyzes drinking water, juices and beverages for physicochemical parameters as well.

Your Quality Partner

Fields of application .


Offers for the analysis of the water of your borehole or family well. This very affordable analysis pack takes into account both microbiological and physico-chemical parameters Easy solutions to improve the quality of your water. 1. Provision of treatment products bacteriology of your water 2. Filtration and treatment system at ultraviolet 3. Cleaning your tank and piping.


1. Tailor-made offer Marketing Authorization Analysis market, periodic monitoring - Beverage (mineral water, juice - Milk and dairy products - Oils - Cereals - Pasta - Processed local products 2. Calibration of measuring instrument in the field of metrology. 3. Availability of additives and products chemical, small laboratory equipment 4. Studies and advice - Improving the quality of your production - Treatment of your water supply systems - etc



The mineralogy laboratory of PROSLABS carries out the processing of ores on all their aspects (Soil, Mud, Rock) then their analyzes with latest generation devices (ICP-MS, ICP-AES, AAS, XRF) for geological determination studies Gold and precious metals in particular, and all the metals in Mendeleïev's table. PROSLABS also supports you in your environmental analyzes for the content of Cyanide in its three forms and many others. Consult our catalog of offers in Our Services.



Metrology services to prepare your approval, certification or accreditation audits, for the safety of your installations, for the control of your productions or your instrument park… - Agri-food production - Medical laboratory - Pharmacy and Medicine - Hotel - Industrial production - Road, naval, rail and aeronautical transport - Mining and construction…

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PROSLABS is a quality analysis laboratory which operates in the fields of water, food, environment, mineralogical, hydrocarbons and lubricants… Committed to a process of continuous quality improvement and ISO 9001 certified since 2015, PROSLABS is ISO 17025 accredited. We perform: Microbiological, chemical and physico-chemical analyses:

Our quality policy

As part of its quality approach, PROSLABS LABORATORY management places quality at the center of its concerns and affirms its commitment to implement, maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system within the laboratory and this in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements and the requirements of standard NF EN ISO / IEC 17025. The quality management system in place aims to … read our full quality policy here

Message from the General Manager

“Ensuring you the best decision-making support for the continuous improvement of your products and services is our raison d’être. With a highly qualified staff, we provide you with the most efficient equipment of the moment such as ICP-MS, GC-MS or HPLC. In Mali and in the sub-region, we remain your best quality partner"

                                                               Issiaka BA


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